Air Handlers & Filtration

Protecting Your Family with Our Air Quality Solutions

Unseen airborne contaminants are present all around us. While having proper ventilation is crucial, it is not sufficient to ensure clean air in your home. To effectively combat the buildup of mildew, smoke residue, allergens, pesticides, dust, dander, and toxins, it is essential to employ appropriate cleaning procedures and purifiers. At Air Comfort Pro, we understand the impact of these contaminants on your well-being and offer Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tools to equip your home. With our solutions, you can have greater control over the air you and your family breathe every day. Protecting Your Family with Our Air Quality Solutions.

How To Keep Your Air Clean

Depending on the unique characteristics of your home—such as floor space, insulation type, and layout—keeping your air clean may require different solutions compared to other living areas. At Air Comfort Pro, our experienced team will assess your space and provide the proper equipment or repair existing units to enhance your indoor air quality. Here are some important facts to consider: Air purifiers effectively trap air particles and eliminate them from room circulation, available as standalone units or as part of a full HVAC system. UV light, integrated into air units, neutralizes certain bacteria, mold, and viruses. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers control air humidity, improving comfort and making it more challenging for contaminants to survive. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) pre-condition the air during winter by pre-heating it or pre-cool and dehumidify summer air by converting expended heat into valuable energy. Air monitors and alarms quickly alert you if the air quality exceeds a safety threshold, such as high levels of carbon monoxide. In-duct air cleaners use scrubbing tools to prevent the recontamination of clean air passing through a potentially dirty duct system. Trust Air Comfort Pro for all your indoor air quality needs.

Breathe Easy with Our Help

Air quality is often overlooked when it comes to ensuring the safety of your household, but it is crucial. At Air Comfort Pro, we understand the importance of maintaining indoor air quality, and our Swift Air experts are here to help. By partnering with us, you can make allergy season a breeze, keeping pollen where it belongs – outdoors. Experience better sleep with fewer coughing-causing irritants, and enhance the overall health of your family. Working with Swift Air is like a breath of fresh… well, air. We are committed to keeping our customers healthy, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss the air quality in your home. Breathe easy with our help. Call us today!