Energy Audits

Save Energy and Money With an Audit

Evaluating the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system and other energy-consuming items is a quick and effective way to discover where you can decrease energy costs. It’s an often overlooked method of reducing bills. With decades of experience in conducting energy audits in the Indianapolis area, Air Comfort Pro thoroughly assesses all aspects contributing to energy usage or loss, including HVAC units, insulation, windows and doors, home layout and airflow, as well as major appliances. Our detailed report on your energy efficiency identifies areas for improvement, helping you save money.

Why Get a Home Energy Audit?

Some people mistakenly believe an energy audit is unnecessary and doesn’t lead to any direct benefits, but this is far from the case. A home energy audit from Air Comfort Pro can help you save money by identifying inefficiencies in your HVAC system and home. A drafty home or struggling HVAC unit means you’re spending more on energy than you need to. Remember, a portion of that energy is being wasted, and your systems need to work harder to achieve the same comforting effect. Additionally, an energy audit is the first step to a healthier home. Inefficient HVAC processes might signal there’s a backup of dust, debris, or pollutants in ducts that could be causing allergy outbreaks or other health complications. It’s important to address these issues for a healthier living environment. Not only that, but an audit and steps to remediate inefficiencies can increase your home value. Energy audits can guide you to modern renovations and efficiencies that reduce your carbon footprint and maintenance costs—making your home more attractive to potential buyers. Plus, you could also get a tax credit for up to 30% of costs! Going green can save you green. Schedule an energy audit with Swift Air today, and start experiencing better health and more energy savings.